Patrick & Paul Kariniemi

Kasi is a local, family-owned and operated spray foam insulation contractor. We service Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, and northern Arizona.

Founded In 2010

Two brothers, Patrick and Paul Kariniemi, founded Kasi in 2010. Prior to starting Kasi, Patrick spent ten years with a spray foam roofing company in Phoenix and Paul was an industrial construction contractor in Minnesota.

Specialized In Injected & Spray Foam Insulation

During our first year in business, we specialized in injected foam for existing block and 2 x4 walls. In our second year, we started spraying open cell foam in residential attics, adding closed cell foam for commercial applications shortly after. We specialize in foam insulation and do not install any other products.

Since 2010, we’ve installed over 12 million square feet of foam insulation.

Long Term Vendor Relationships

Although we’ve tested nearly every foam insulation product available in Arizona, we’ve only purchased foam from a few suppliers. We have an 11-year long relationship with our injected foam manufacturer and a five year long relationship with our spray foam supplier. Since each foam insulation product has its own application characteristics, we’ve found that you have a lot fewer problems by sticking with reputable manufacturers who stand behind their products. As a result, our technicians are experts in the products they install.


All of our technicians are company employees who’ve been with us for many years. To keep a high standard of work they are paid by the hour, not by the square foot. Additionally, we never subcontract out our work.

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