Fix Your Comfort Problems With Spray Foam Insulation

You spend most of your life in your home. So, why not make it comfortable?

Protect Your Ducts From The Heat

In an Arizona homes, air conditioning ducts are located above the insulation in the hot attic. Heat in your attic heats up the ducts. Which, in turn, warm up the cool air traveling through your ducts.

In worst case scenarios, your AC will blow hot air for the first minute or two after it starts up. This is a significant source of discomfort and high utility bills.

Insulation For Existing Stucco 2×4 Walls

Prior to 2010, wall insulation inspections were not required in the Valley while a house was under construction. Consequently, tract homes often have incorrectly installed or missing insulation in the walls.

As a result, your rooms with the most south and west exposure are uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can fix these problems by injecting foam insulation into the wall, even if it is already insulated.

block wall insulation

Insulation For Slump Block Walls

Prior to air conditioning becoming a standard feature in new homes in the 1980s, slump block walls were never insulated. When there was no AC in the home it didn’t matter if the walls were insulated or not.

However, when you cool your block home with an air conditioner insulation is critical. A properly insulated block wall will slow heat flow 82% better than an uninsulated block wall.

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